Eletrifying Insulation with Time-Tested Expertise

Combining the best of modern technology and 40 years of manufacturing excellence to provide insulation that safeguards and endures!

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Custom insulation products manufactured to high level precision. Some sectors work with:

  • Power & Energy: Insulating the backbone of modern energy, from utilities to renewable power installations.
  • Industries & Manufacturing: Providing robust insulation solutions for heavy industry and high-tech manufacturing needs.
  • Transportation & Automotive: Enhancing safety and efficiency in automotive, aerospace, and rail with superior insulation.
  • Consumer Electronics: Delivering reliable insulation for household appliances and consumer electronics.

Premium Insulation Products from California with Globally Sourced Materials from Friendly Countries.

Fiberglass Epoxy Sheet: For demading & durable applications
Paper Phenolic Laminates: Lightweight and environmentally friendly
Pressboard: High-density and precision-engineered
Cotton Phenolic Laminates: Combining strength with sustainability
Fiberglass Tubes: Robust and reliable for high-stress environments
Custom components engineered to your needs

Precision Manufacturing Meets Global Standards

Utilizing advanced technologies and rigorous quality controls, we ensure our insulation products meet the highest international standards.

Pre-Compressed Boards

Densely compressed and thermally stable, ideal for high-load electrical insulation applications.

Fiberglass Epoxy Sheet

Strong, lightweight, and moisture-resistant, suitable for demanding environments in electrical and mechanical systems.

Paper Phenolic Laminates

Offers enhanced mechanical, electrical, electrostatic dissipative or fire performance. The properties and cost-effectiveness of these products often make them insulators of choice in low/high-voltage, dry service electrical equipment.

Syndanio Sheets

Syndanio sheets and parts made from it are used for thermal as well as electrical insulation. These sheets are available in various thickness from 3 mm to 75 mm and are mainly used in foundries and furnaces.

Fiberglass Tubes

Engineered for strength and durability, these tubes offer excellent insulation properties for industrial and commercial applications.

Cotton Phenolic Laminates

Phenolic Resin Bonded Cotton Fabric Laminates are used where mechanical strength, wear resistance and resilience are more important than electrical insulation. Typical applications of fabric laminates are gears, textile shuttles, bearings, pickers, bushes and marine application. Different grades are offered to suit specific applications.

PTFE Cloth in both Adhesive and Non-adhesive options

Non-Adhesive in brown and white colors: 1M X 10M, 1Mx50M, thickenss 5, 7, 10 and 14 mil. Adhesive in cream and dark brown options.

PTFE Virgin Sheets in Rolls

Choose from dimensions of 1.2M x 1M, with thickness options ranging from 0.5MM to 6MM to suit diverse application needs.